4 short questions – ENJOY the music!

4 short questions & ENJOY THE MUSIC ! 🙂

  • Did you know that when you listen to one of my songs on Spotify or iTunes you have to listen to it 7 times for me to recoup €0.01. Yes, that is one cent! That's kind of crazy considering how much it takes to write, record & promote a song. To make it a bit more balanced, I am investigating this possibility: many people pay a relatively small contribution per month, and I'll keep on writing and recording new music each month, and send it directly to YOU A kind of crowdfunding, and YOU are part of the crowd, that's why: How much of a co-creator of future music would you like to be? How much would you be willing to spend on a monthly basis, that doesn't hurt you at all, and you will receive A LOT OF MUSIC in return, that will INSPIRE you and give you extra INSPIRATION & STRENGTH!
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