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the COLIJN BUIS ITALIAN QUARTET, with our very Special Guest DENISE JANNAH on vocals, performed at the TIRANA JAZZ & WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL in various cities in Albania.

see this VIDEO: [youtube=]

Our opening concert was at the wonderful 5* Rogner Europapark Hotel in Tirana, where we were also staying. What not many people know is that the hotel also holds a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest coffee bean mosaic, which is in the main hall near the entrance


we went to Boom Boom Radio, the national Jazz radio channel of Albania, on the Skanderbeg Square nearby, for a radio interview. Thanks to the entire team of BBR for assisting at the festival so well!


My first ever visit to Albania started with a concert in Korça, in duo with the great ERMAL RODI on saxophones. Driving by car to Korça you can see some breathtaking scenery and great landscapes, while I also had a lot of fun with Ermal and Juel. I will never forget how many people from the audience in Korça after the concert came to shake our hand, very heartwarming!


Our next concert with the quartet and Denise was at the BellevieW hotel in Durrës at the beach (plazh). The beach is a very vivid, alive place during the day, often also featuring musicians – here with a song about their country (Shqipëria = Albania) – see this VIDEO: [youtube=]

In the night, after our concerts, we went dancing at the Pista Kosova (also on the beach) where the same kind of music is played, but in a modern electric version – with all the young Albanians dancing to it

In Durrës you can also see a Venetian Castle, and a large Roman amphitheatre built in the 2nd century AD by Emperor Trajan [when the city was called Dyrrachium]. In the amphitheatre a different kind of mosaic can be found, and, if you look well, even still some Italians..


Lastly we went to Shkoder, a beautiful city! – the ‘city of bicycles’. We played during the first night of SUMMER JAZZ IN SHKODRA, a doubleconcert with German Trio Vinorosso at the Jubani house.

A beautiful ancient terrace packed with people, who were a very enthusiastic audience, hosted by the great crew of the Jubani house – an unforgettable evening! Thanks to Entoni and his crew for hosting everyone so well!

These were wonderful days, again making me feel very happy and privileged, to perform my original music internationally in many different places, having many new experiences and seeing life in a new way never seen before – like beautiful Albania! The warm, hot sunny weather, the kindness and warmth of the people – and also the great landscapes and delicious food (a.o. fish) you can enjoy!

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faleminderit shume! to: Bernardo, Besim, Damiano, Denise, Ermal, Gencjan, Hilbrand, Juel, Marco, Mariëtte, everyone at Boom Boom Radio, the Dutch Embassy [Koninkrijk der Nederlanden], the Italian Cultural Institute, other sponsors and support, and: all our new friends! Rroftë Shqipëria – Viva Albania – Long live Albania!